Shelley Winters (August 18, 1920 – January 14, 2006) was an American actress who appeared in dozens of films, as well as on stage and television; her career spanned over fifty years until her death in 2006. Two-time Academy Award winner, Winters is probably most remembered for her roles in A Place in the Sun, The Big Knife, Lolita, The Night of the Hunter, Alfie, and The Poseidon Adventure.

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The Tenant – El quimérico inquilino (1976)

The Tenant (1976) Le locataire conocida en castellano como El inquilino (Hispanoamérica) o El quimérico inquilino (España) es una película francesa de 1976, del género thriller, dirigida por Roman Polański. Protagonizada por Roman Polański, Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas, Jo Van Fleet, Bernard Fresson,...